Asian Strategies Group

Client Base

Asian Strategies Group has advised a wide range of American and foreign companies active in the services and manufacturing sectors.

High technology manufacturer: research on Chinese distribution system for imported high technology goods; assistance in finding Chinese buyers.

Major oil company: assessments of the Chinese oil, gas and petrochemical sectors, including decision making, regulations, and reputations of key players. Similar work on Vietnam and India.

Long distance telephone company: credibility assessments of potential Indian and Indonesian telecommunications partners; best practices advice to business information unit.

Rubber parts manufacturer: reliability and performance surveys of potential joint venture partners in Korea, China, and India; due diligence assessments of foreign partners.

Auto parts manufacturer: credibility and performance analyses of potential joint venture partners in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.

Chemicals manufacturer: advice on business strategies and negotiating approaches in Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, India, China, and Malaysia.

Investment bank: analysis of capabilities and reputation of Asian investment partner; monitoring brief on Chinese politics affecting investment climate.

Turbine manufacturer: research on power generation projects in Asia; structure and decision making process in China's energy market; due diligence studies of joint venture partners.

Branded products producer: research on Chinese distribution system for imported processed food and assistance in finding Chinese buyers; due diligence reports on potential partners.

Electronics manufacturer: research on competitor's joint ventures in China; assessments of potential partners; research on structure of the electronics industry.

Mining company: assessment of strategy of major Asian mining company contemplating investment with American partner in Peru.

Shoe manufacturer: prospects for investing in new manufacturing facilities in Vietnam; assessment of potential partner.

Electronics manufacturer: assistance in planning high technology investment in south China; advice on negotiations for joint ventures in Taiwan and China.

Investment fund: assessment of attitudes towards foreign investment and regulations in several Asian countries; new opportunities for foreign investment as a result of the currency crisis.

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