Asian Strategies Group

Advising Business in Asia

Asian Strategies Group provides advice, research, and independent judgments for companies in business from Japan to India, which is one of the world's fastest growing and most dynamic regions.

The Group serves as a sounding board for and advisor to executives making decisions in the unfamiliar environment of Asia. We provide advice and judgments designed to raise confidence and lower risk.

We specialize in credibility assessments, including due diligence; political analysis; and trouble shooting. Our trademark service is finding and solving problems before they multiply. Protecting your investment is our job.

Credibility Assessments

Most companies require due diligence reports before investing in Asia, but many do not take the added precaution of assessing the credibility and reputations of potential foreign partners. Through interviews with industry and government officials and on-the-scene visits, we offer assessments which contain unique insights and judgments, including such criteria as

• reputation of key executives
• opinions of suppliers
  and customers
• scope of government
• business standards and norms
• experience dealing with
• record for contract compliance

Political Risk Analysis

Companies operating in the uncertain climate of Asia require an understanding of the changing environment and the risks of doing business there. With experience gained from years of residence and from knowledge of local languages, we prepare tailored analysis to help manage risk, deepen understanding, and avoid surprises. Our analysis covers

• key political trends
• decision making process
• business-government
• profiles of key personnel
• business norms
• regulatory environment

Trouble Shooting

Developing business in Asia requires careful planning. But planning alone does not provide protection from the many problems that can and do arise in an unfamiliar business encironment. Our on-the-ground experience helps solve problems before they escalate; in many cases, we have seen the problems before and can help in

• overcoming bureaucratic
• understanding regulations
  and practices
• strengthening critical
• appealing to influential officials
• advising on negotiating
• developing exit strategies

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