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Asian Strategies Group was founded in 1994 to assist companies starting up in Asia or trying to improve their effectiveness there. Unlike most consulting firms, all of our associates have lived in Asia for long periods of time, speak its languages, and know its culture. We offer on-the-ground experience and a wealth of contacts in government and industry in key Asian countries.


David Gries followed Asian affairs for 35 years during government assignments in Washington and China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. He speaks Chinese.


Senior Associates

H.J. Chang is a former Korean newspaper reporter and U.S.-trained business consultant who lives in Seoul. He is fluent in both Korean and English.

Colette Goodman is a partner with the law firm of Shea & Gardner. A regular traveler to Vietnam, she specializes in advising American businesses investing in or expanding their activities in Vietnam.

Peter Gries is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has lived in Asia and is fluent in Chinese and Japanese.

Scott Harrison is familiar with the Philippines as the result of six years of service at the US Embassy in Manila and subsequent business experience there. He speaks Tagalog and lives in Hong Kong.

Richard Jacobson has held U.S. government and private sector jobs in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. He lives in Jakarta and speaks Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, and Chinese.

Gordon Jones has held posts in the State Department and at the American Embassy in India, where he was economic counselor. He is broadly experienced in Indian and Pakistan business practices.

T. C. Tao is a former Chinese government offical with broad experience assisting American and Chinese businesses. He lives in Shanghai and speaks English and three Chinese dialects.

Advisory Board

Jeff Keener, Chardon Rubber Company

Joseph May, Attorney-at-Law

William Morgan, Citibank

Judith Sloan, Asia Society

Nancy Bernkoff Tucker, Georgetown University

Hendrik Woods, BP Amoco

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