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1. Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

of ___________ Company

(Scope/sourcing note and table of contents from a 20-page paper)

Scope and Sourcing

Our client prepared the questions addressed in this report. More than half the answers are proprietary to the firm being analyzed; that is, they are not available publicly and were not intended to fall into the hands of its competitors. For this reason, the report should be considered sensitive and handled accordingly..

To obtain the information, we assembled a team of three experienced Chinese investigators under the direction of an Asian Strategy Group senior Chinese associate who is a long-time resident of Shanghai.

The team sought answers in local government circles and in the petroleum industry. Our resident associate, who is well connected politically in Shanghai and in Jiangsu Province, looked for answers at higher levels. We obtained some of the statistical information, which is publicly available but hard to find, through the State Statistical Bureau in Beijing. The American Consulate General in Shanghai was also helpful. Finally, David Gries met the team in Shanghai and prepared the final report from the information they had collected.

We encountered some difficulties in translating Chinese technical terms into English, but believe that we are close enough so that our client's engineers will understand the terms.


History of the Firm 4

Particulars of the Joint Venture 6

Financial Information 9

Personal Relationships 12

Marketing 14

Engineering 16

Appendix: The Firm's Products and Sales 19

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