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3. The Decision-Making Process

Decision-Making in China's Oil and Gas Industry

(Outline of a 16-page paper)

The Chinese Way of Decision-Making

     Formal Structure

      Informal Structure

     Decision Making in Practice

Decision-Making in the Oil and Gas Industry

     Where Decisions Are Made

     China National Petroleum Corp.: The Ministry that Became a Corporation

     China National Chemicals Import-Export Corp.: Losing Monopoly in Trade

     China National Petrochemical Corporation: Maintaining a Monopoly in Refining

     Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources: Spinning Off a Corporation

     Ministry of Chemical Industry: The Corporation That Became a Ministry

     State Planning Commission (SPC): Changing Role under Openness Policy

Ideological and National Security Influences on Decision-Making

     Resistance to Privatization

     National Security Concerns

Who Makes Decisions

     State Council and Central Committee Level

     Ministry and Commission Level

     Lower Level Officials

Why the Buck Never Stops

     Dependence on Personal Relationships

     Dispersed Authority

     Bureaucratic Bargaining

     Consensus Building

     Incremental Decision Making

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